Can not connect to Orchestrator from environment requiring proxy authentication



I tried to connect UiPath Orchestrator with UiPath Robot Settings as part of UiPath Academy.

My company network environment needs to the proxy authentication to connect outside site.

I changed the setting files, UiRobot.exe.config and NuGet.config,
according to Proxy blocking Orchestrator .

However I cannot reach the above server and
it was shown the error dialog "リモート名を解決できませんでした。: ‘
(I’m sorry for Japanese error message. Perhaps I guess message by English “Remote name cannot be resolved.”)

I tried the proxy address included the username and password format but it is failed to connect server.




	<add key="http_proxy" value="http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-host>:<proxy-port>" />

How can I resolve this connection?




Check it out this Troubleshooting. Maybe can help you with your problem.



Hi @jugit
Did you resolve this issue?
I have the same problem.:cold_sweat:


Hi @jugit,

I am also getting same problem. Did you resolved this issue? If yes, could you share the solution here.

Thank you in advance.


@tango @ashvinpinjarkar
Sorry for my late response.
unfortunately lm not resolved.

Why do not you ask your company’s network administrator!?
My company’s network may be blocking access from an external server.


Thank you for your response.
I think this is not real network issue, because my second robot is connecting to same server.


Yes, its network issue and I am in a process to resolve it. Thank you for your quick response…

But If it is not network issue then UIPath Support team recommends to enable logging as below:

Could you please enable the detailed logs ans send the error details. Please follow the steps given below to enable the detailed logs-

Go to Windows -> Run -> Type in “Inetmgr”
Expand Sites -> Select the Orchestrator website -> Right Click on it and click on “Explore”
Now look for web.config file, and make the following changes as explained below.
Set the CustomErrors mode to = “Off”

  1. Set the httpErrors errorMode = “Detailed”

  2. Please reset the iis after performing the steps in order to ensure that changes take effect.