Level 3 Assignment 2 - System1 Navigate To WI Details xaml


I’m having trouble displaying the WIID. Can someone help me? Details can be seen below.




This looks like a screenshot from the GetTransactionData.xaml. May I know how you are returning this value to the main workflow fom getTransactionData?

You can actually do some debugging as well by setting up breakpoints and executing in debug mode where you will be able to see the values of variables. This way you can locate from where it gets missing…

Actually that is from my Process.xaml. I invoked the System1NavigateToWIDetails inside Process.xaml and the screenshots show what’s inside my System1NavigateToWIDetails.xaml file.

Will try your suggestion on debugging. Thanks!

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You can start debugging from the GetTransactionData.xaml. Then you will get the full picture on how the value flows from one workflow to another… Let me know how it goes… Will help if there is anything…

i have the same problem here, i check from GettransactionData.xaml, i noticed the number is there, the number changes each time i run test the main. ,so i decided to print all the work items and the WI5 including amount of client with WI5 which in my case 20.The navgation stop and SHA1 has nothing to do, so i guess the killprocess stop everything. please i like to know how to solve this problem if u can share with me

@caduque The string URL you entered in the “Navigate to” activity is slightly incorrect.
Replace “work_items” with “work-items”.

Hope it helps.