Job State stuck at Pending


I am trying to run a process from orchestrator but it is always in the Pending state. I am using modern folders. My robot and my machine are connected and available.

I tried deleting the machine and creating a new one. I tried creating a new robot, but it didn’t work.

The only thing that is working is when I disconnect my machine from Assistant and connect it back. When I do so, the pending process will run. Otherwise, it won’t.

I’m using the community edition.

Thank you.

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I had the same problem

What it worked for me was to:

  1. Run the process (process remains in pending)
  2. Disconnect robot from UiPath Assistant
  3. Reconnect robot from UiPath Assistant
  4. The job starts automatically

Yes, exactly, this works, but it works only once…

We need a consistent solution.

I am having the same issue. Using 20.10.6 for Studio and Assistant. I was forced to use Modern folders because legacy folders aren’t available. I can successfully run my process manually from Studio and from Assistant but Orchestrator Triggers and running the process from Orchestrator manually keeps it hanging in pending status. Interestingly enough, the “Automatically Start Process” function works as expected when the assistant starts. Again though, the automatic triggers as well as manual running of the process don’t work inside of Orchestrator. I have ensured my robot assistant says Connected and licensed. My machine and robot show up correctly in orchestrator.

I am having the same problem as @mark.dangio
I have feeling I tried literally anything.
I am also confused from the Tenant - Robots - I cannot delete “Robots” or create…
I use community edition orchestrator, modern folders, most up to date Studio.

yeah that worked for me aswell, dont understand why we need to reboot the assistant

For me the “solution” was to create another community Orchestrator and automatically has a newer version and the bug is not reproducing anymore.

i had the same problem before. you need to go to Tenant folder and edit the username. Go to unattend robot and enter your domain/username (getting it from Command prompt:Whoami). remember to enter Domain\username

hoping this will help.


If anyone comes over this threat, here’s a detailed solution for it:

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