Trouble running process from Orchestrator

I’m using UiPath Community. Logging in the software automatically create a machine template which is the one I’m trying to run the process on. Created an unattended robot with the machine’s credentials and was able to run a process from the orchestrator without any issues. However, after rebooting the computer, the job gets stuck on pending and doesn’t leave that state.
UiPath Assistant says it’s connected but I can’t manage to make it work. Any suggestions?

Hi @sebascantini

Did you provide the credentials in orchestrator username to be provided as domain\username


Hello, yes, I created the unattended bot with the correct credentials, As I stated I was able to make it work at first bust stopped working after rebooting the machine.

Hi @sebascantini ,

Kindly make sure that UiPath Assistant is up and running on your machine.

If it’s running already, Quit it and run again.

One more thing you can do is to clear temp files. If you’re using Windows press “Windows+r” then type %temp% After that delete all files that appear, skip those which can’t be deleted.

Hi @ahmad.sultan,

The assistant was up and running, killed the process with Task Manager and reopened it, but didn’t work. Also deleted temp files but also didn’t fix the issue. Also reentered credentials just in case there was a typo I wasn’t noticing but still won’t work.

Can you pls share the Screenshot of orchestrator that shows the status of your machine…like this: