Not able to use new Orchestrator for the team


I have the latest version of UiPath Studio. The orchestrator UI is so much changed from before. I 've been following many tutorials but there the version is old so finding the solution for problem has become very hard.

Please go through the below steps:

  1. Login to Orchestrator
  2. Create Org and use the default tenant. (Community Edition, 1 Unattended, 1 Runtime I believe this is the Attended one)
  3. Add process to the shared folder from Machine A (User A)
  4. Configured the same orchestrator to Machine B (User B)
  5. User A tries to run the Job (Unattended+Attended Robot manually from Orchestrator) on User B’s machine by giving the machine Key, and User Name (Screenshot added)
  6. When we are trying the 5th step, the job is stuck in the Pending state and never executes.
  • No Logs to figure out
  • No details in the job list (Screenshot added).

I want to say that there is a bug where the process stays in pending state, but I am not sure if I am following all the steps correctly.
Please let me know the solution.



On the information option, you can see the reason.
Let me know if you don’t see anything.
Just check for the very first pending job.

Thanks, But I think the information i icon is for the details when the process in executed or in progress.
Here for us the job goes in a Pending state - Pasting the screenshot.

It shows the reason also in the info in case of pending not sure why it is not showing.

  1. Can you filter it by running jobs and make sure no other job is running.
  2. Login and logoff once from the machine Restart will be better
  3. Check if the status of the robot is active and connected for the same.

If you are running bot 1 using user B which is created using user A then you need to change the user login details in the robot setting with user B.