Issues with MS 1903 Update

Hi, has anyone had issues with their Workflow after updating their machine to MS update 1903. We updated to this version last week and our automation is having issues finding selectors and our one Bot stops processing, meaning that loglines stop being written, however the automation is still running as UiPath icon is still seen. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jkonn

Could you run and share the output of the diagtool?
It would help greatly in debugging this issue.

See here on how to do that:

Feel free to share it via private message.

What I would suggest though is a clean installation of Studio, as per this guide:

Maybe the updated messed with some UiPath files, who knows.

You can also check out this guide here:

Can you please share what was the target application for your faulty selectors ? If you can share the workflow would be very helpful.

Was it any Windows application ?