Robot stops processing, but does not throw an error or stop running

So we have noticed a few time now where the automation will stop in its processing, meaning it does not move onto the next activity (I know this because the log lines stop). When this happens, there is no error thrown and UiPath is acting as if it is still running (I know this because we have the ability to stop the automation).

This occurs in multiple locations in the workflow and not after a specific amount of time. There are no infinite loops in my workflow and we have only seen this the past week or so. No changes had been made to the workflow to cause this, the only change we can think of is the 1903 Windows update.

We are not connected to Orchestrator yet, but it is a licensed Studio we are using - version 2019.4.2

Not sure if it be relevant but we are using .NET 4.7.2

Any advice or recommendations are appreciated, thanks!

Hi @CYoung,
Seems that MS done something. You’re not only one having strange issue on this update. Please have a look at these topics:

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