UiPath Design Studio 2019.6.0 Log Message Doesn't work

I’ve just installed UiPath Design Studio 2019.6.0. I think there is something (or more things) wrong with this version. It freezes in an exception situation and I cannot stop it. Or be specific, for example, Log message or Write Line doesn’t work.


Any idea or solution?


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Sorry I didn’t get you and could you please tell more details about the issue.

Here, have you indicated any window or not with that Attach Window Activity.

Yes, I did. I indicated a window. It works. But nothing was in the output after running. This was also true for Write Line activity.

As I said before, it freezed in any exception, didn’t throw any exception at all, and I couldn’t stop it. I was able to stop it by Task Manager.
It made me have a lot of trouble, wasted my time, so I uninstall it. I moved back to older version.

It’s been a terrible experience for me.

Hi @yamac

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Freezes after installation of Studio are often a sign that the robot service was not properly restarted. You would end up running a process from newer version of Studio on a robot service from the previous version (=bad times).

I would suggest reinstalling it following this guide and all should be fine :slight_smile:
Sometimes it is also as simple as a computer restart after your Studio CE is auto-updated.

See here: