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The issue that I’m facing is, when I setting a value for any variable after setting value click on OK and move to another process and after coming back to that value the values are gone i need to set that values again and’s happen every time. Can anyone help to set this bug !!!

I’ve attached the screenshot as well you guys can refer, In that part the problem is arrived


Thats a known issue now in UiPath, please refer the arguments in properties pane… you will have all the assigned values there

This is a known issue and For now please go to properties panel and edit from there then click on OK. it should be updated with the new value.

thank you @HareeshMR

thanks @sankar.kuna


Hi @Mayur_Pawar
Usually when we try to enter a value or mention a variable as a value to the arguments which are imported in the invoke workflow file activity, will be clicking OK once after mentioning and to refer that again we need to go to property panel with arguments property as @HareeshMR and @sankar.kuna mentioned
–the reason is when we try to click import arguments and check for values in that, we wont be able to see,because import arguments means it will freshly import the arguments and from there on we need to pass the value or variable we want…so if we want to check for the values again we should not press the import arguments again rather we need to check the argument property in property panel of invoke workflow activity…
–And dont forget that whenever we import arguments and pass value to them, and clicking on OK , we need to save the workflow…then only we would be able to see the values passed to the arguments in the property panel and its a good practice to save as well

Hope this would help you
Kindly revert back for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

Yes, thank you @Palaniyappan for giving exact solution for the problem.

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Do you have any or can you suggest me one project with the help of REframework and can you guide me for that like to understand and complete the project just little project.

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Hope this could help you regarding invoke workflow

For a small example on REFramework

Cheers @Mayur_Pawar