Assign Argument in Invoke Workflow is not working

After the update, I cannot pass values into Argument of Invoke Workflow activity, although the OK button is clicked.

Does anybody have any opinions on this issue?

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? :slight_smile:

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Before click OK button

After click OK

As you can see, there is no Value in Argument.

Mine is working fine. Please close and restart UiPath :slight_smile:

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The same issue happens after restarting the UiPath Studio.

After debugging on Studio, the assigned argument still initialized, but it is not update and show on Import Argument.

Can anyone have opinions on this issue?

Hi @tnguyen449,

When I click on “Import Arguments” I have the same issue and all the values are gone.
I can see the values only when I click on the burger menu at the properties tab (see Picture).

In the previous versions a click on Edit Arguments or Import Arguments did not remove the values previously entered, so this looks like a bug.

I am using Studio 2018.4.3.


Is there any news? I cannot pass the arguments to the sequences.

Hi @Tarantababu,

Sorry for this delayed response,

You can pass Argument values in Properties panel instead of direct Invoke Workflow Activity. Refer to above post of @SebastianSchuler.

Thank you

It works if you set your values from the properties. But I think It’s a problem UiPath should solve as soon as possible.

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Not working.

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Hi @mohammed_zain

Could you say a bit more about what is not working?

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I was having the same issue, where clicking “Import Arguments” would blank out all of my workflow arguments. However, I found that if the argument is given a default value in the workflow you are invoking then the arguments can be set from the “Import Arguments” button.


Hi @product

This is definitely a bug. The arguments are disappearing from the Invoke Workflow activity however, they do actually still work if you click okay. I am on 2019.5.0 (Stable) and the guys I am working with are also experiencing the same issue on this version.

Please can we issues a fix for this asap - it’s really annoying, plus very difficult to know whether an issue is being caused by incorrect / null arguments being passed.



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