I am having 2018.4.5 version of uipath. Whenever i am passing arguments and saving it and after saving when iam checking again it gets disapper

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Please refer to the post below:

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Is it 2018.4.5 or 2019.5.0 ?

If it is 2019.5.0 then Edit arguments option is missed and UIpath team working on this.

For this, goto properties of Invoke WorkFlow activity and click on Arguments section and declare variables and save it. It will work then.

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using 2019.4.3 (community edition). This is not working for me. Even when entering in the arguments (properties Tab) the “orange” button indicates error. Workflow will not run due to this error.

P.S.: Yes, when I click import then they are gone, however in the arguments I can find them.

Hi @Ludwig_Wilhelm

Please make sure you are running the latest Community Edition 2019.5 with latest activity packages. Some bugs related to the invoke workflow are also already available via the beta channel in the 2019.6.

Thanks a lot, that solved the issue!

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