Error in Invoke Workflow Passing Argument Values

Hi All, I am trying to pass on arguments in Invoke Workflow activities but after updating and clicking on OK button the values are getting vanished.can anyone help me out on this.

Check this @Aswini,

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Hi @Aswini,

Known issue
Import Arguments button makes arguments values overwritten with default value from invoked workflow arguments. This makes usually the values empty. This issue will be fixed in next release.

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Hareesh, I tried using there as well but sometimes its taking sometimes not


Which version of UiPath you are using?
We will get the arguments there after we assign values to them.That issue is still open and Team UiPath is looking into it.

I am using 2019.6.0 Community edition

Hope the issue will be resolved in next release version… @Aswini

yeah hope so an d thank you

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Please check out the beta feed :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I should revive this thread, but the Beta feed you’re referring to, I suspect is related to the previous feed about the following?:

However, this still continues to mess up in UiPath in both Community Edition v2019.8.0 and Enterprise Edition v2019.4.4 even with the latest UiPath.System.Activities package 19.8.0 down to 19.4.1 and I am now wondering if this is because of the following statement from article:

If so, then what is the correct way to assign argument values?
Is it first and foremost within the Workflow itself and rather not in the Invoke Workflow Argument panel?

Hello, has this bug been resolved in UiPath? I am encountering a similar problem while trying to import arguments.

Heyy @g0furtherwithAI,

I’m not sure if that is resolved or not, but once you click ok on the arguments, you will have the arguments stored but when you click again on edit, you will get the empty pane but that values are still assigned to the variables.


I am encountering the same issue. when I have an exception created in the ‘called’ workflow. Any workarounds for this?