In dispatcher process,i am getting retry number is not member of string in set transaction status workflow.How to convert that?(uipath level3 assignment2)


By default value is in_TransactionItem.RetryNo.For this expression it is saying retry no not member of string.

Can anyone help me how to convert that retry number?


in_TransactionItem is a string and you are assigning it to Int32 there is the issue try to “int.parse(in_TransactionItem)” else convert.toInt32(in_TransactionItem)"


after changing,i am getting error in set transaction status workflow at sequences(success,handle business rule exception,handle system error)


may i know the proper exception.?


In_transactionItem is type of QueueItem


i changed to queue item.But now it is saying process transition T1 must contain a condition


where.? and can you please provide the proper exception.?


in main file when i hover on process transaction error,it is saying

(Trigger less transition.T1 of state process transaction must contain a condition.A state can only have one unconditional transition that has no trigger.


can you please attach screen Shot.?


when i open process transaction i am not able to see any error.u said to change to queue item but in walkthrough it is said to take transaction item as string.


there is a state from process which is redirecting to process, and there is no condition to that you have to remove that loop


removed.but now i am getting error at set transaction status handle system error flow as cannot assign from string to int32 type in assign retry number from queue