In dispatcher process,i am getting retry number is not member of string in set transaction status workflow.How to convert that?(uipath level3 assignment2)

By default value is in_TransactionItem.RetryNo.For this expression it is saying retry no not member of string.

Can anyone help me how to convert that retry number?

in_TransactionItem is a string and you are assigning it to Int32 there is the issue try to “int.parse(in_TransactionItem)” else convert.toInt32(in_TransactionItem)"

after changing,i am getting error in set transaction status workflow at sequences(success,handle business rule exception,handle system error)

may i know the proper exception.?

In_transactionItem is type of QueueItem

i changed to queue item.But now it is saying process transition T1 must contain a condition

where.? and can you please provide the proper exception.?

in main file when i hover on process transaction error,it is saying

(Trigger less transition.T1 of state process transaction must contain a condition.A state can only have one unconditional transition that has no trigger.

can you please attach screen Shot.?

when i open process transaction i am not able to see any error.u said to change to queue item but in walkthrough it is said to take transaction item as string.

there is a state from process which is redirecting to process, and there is no condition to that you have to remove that loop

removed.but now i am getting error at set transaction status handle system error flow as cannot assign from string to int32 type in assign retry number from queue

Hi, I am finalizing the Level 3 Assignment 1, I got an error in the assign activity " io_RetryNumber = in_TransactionItem.RetryNo ". “In_transactionItem” is set to a type of DataRow, how can I fixed this error? Could you please help? Thanks.

is this issue got solved.?

yes solved

How did you solved this?

How did you solved this one?

#Level 3 - Advanced Training assigment 2

guys, I’m having similar issues with main.xaml in REFramework.

My GetTransactionData.xaml file has been validated successfuly, but I’m having trouble to place it in the workflow.

While validaiting main it results with “Trigger-less transition ‘T1’ of state ‘Get Transaction Data’ must contain a condition. A state can only have one unconditional transition that has no trigger.”

Seems that additional transition has been created (T1 > Destination: Get Transaction Data).

Honestly, i don’t know how to remove it.

When i start new project with ReFramework i don’t have that Transition, how did you manage to get it (did you create it manually? ) If it does nothing try deleting it

hi @srdjan.suc, yeah, I created it mistakenly, and couldn’t see it because workflow lines overlapped, here’s a solution: