Error in Set Transaction Status (Assignment 2)

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I am trying to change the “TransactionItem” type to String. After I changed I have encountered these errors in the “SetTransactionStatus” workflow. When I tried to analyze the error, I found that (“String cannot be converted to QueueItem”).Anyone pls help me to resolve this error.

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Please see that in_TransactionItem Argument/Varibale should of type “String” while building Dispatcher workflow and should be QueueItem while building Performer workflow in assignment 2.

Ok. But I have kept String Type only in Dispatcher WorkFlow it Shows compiler error in “Set Transaction Status” Activity as shown in the above Screenshot.

You can disable them in Dispatcher as we did in Client Security Hash assignment

How can u pls explain me somewhat elaborately.

Click on the activity and press Ctrl+D it will be disabled when you run the project that would not interrupt your usual workflow because it is not needed in Dispatcher workflow

Hi Prankurjoshi,

I have done as you stated. But is there any other alternate method where we can make use of this transaction status activities ?

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We have to find alternative methods but as far as Set Transaction Status activity is concerned it would take item as a type of QueueItem only

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Is there a QueueItem constructor that can convert an object to a QueueItem?

Hey @mooredd,
I’m afraid there isn’t. Is there a problem?

No. Found an alternative, but just more effort.

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Hi PrankurJoshi,
I have commented “Set queryRetry”, "Set transaction status " and “Assign RetryNumber from Queue” activity then also i am getting the same error.
Here is the attached screenshot.

And also on running Main.xaml file its keep on opening "Achme Login " page again and again.
Please help me.