Error in SetTransactionStatus: TransactionItem(QueueItem)-String cannot be converted to uipath.core.Queueitem


In Yearly Report Assignment, the TransactionItem is a string. How to take care of this error?


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Change the argument type of In_TransactionItem to queueitem buddy this would work
if you are passing it as queue item


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I am using string. In all 4 places. Main, Process, GetTransactionData and SetTransactionStatus. As specified in Walkthrough.

Change that to queueitem buddy because your are trying to assign string ( which should be queueitem ) to queueitem


OK. I will change it and try.

In this assignment, Each TransactionItem is a page number. so we are mapping Out_TransactionItem = in_TransactionNumber.ToString.
and TransactionItem is a string.

If we change it to Queueitem, will it not throw an error?


If you are using Orchestrator and Queues then transactionItem should be type queueItem. Please change it to queueItem wherever you found transactionItem in the whole workflow.

This is the error. After I changed all the string to Queueitem.

Buddy Kindly remove the .tostring from in_TransactionNumber

I Removed the .ToString

This is the new error.

In_TransactionNumber is int32

use get transaction item activity to assign the “transaction number” from queue to “Out_transactionItem” variable

After spending more than a day. I figured out what was going on.
In the Assignment (Generate Yearly Report), It has two parts.

  1. Dispatcher
  2. Performer

In the Dispatcher section, the TransactionItem is a String. Because we will extract Data from the Acme webpage and store it in Orchestrator as Queueitem. We will not get Queueitem from the Orchestrator.

Therefore, In SetTransactionStatus.xaml file we will not need the first part. So we can delete it OR comment it out. The Succes part looks like this after I removed If Queue Item is deleted.

Then everything works fine. The increment happens and the Orchestrator will get the quueeitems from ADD QueueItem Activity in Process State.

In the Performer Section, The TransactionItem is a QueueItem.


Thank You @lakshman, @Palaniyappan, @neethulg


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