How to delete or edit a transition from a State machine?


I created a transition to a state machine, mistakenly , but not able to edit the destination of that. There is no option to delete the transition as well.Kindly help.


I was able to delete the transition by editing file in Notepad, but there should be some way to do it thru Studio



To delete a transition, you can delete the Line if you go to your main state machine that contains the state, just like you delete the arrow in a Flow chart.

The transitions basically are represented by the lines and go to a destination.

I hope that helps and is clear.



Thanks Clayton, I tried to delete that line from the state by selecting that transition and press delete button but couldnt do so.Then I right clicked on that state, and I noticed that delete option is greyed out (as screenshot indicates)


In the image you showed, you are inside the State. Can you try doing this outside of the State? You should see the box (ie State) with the lines for each transition going to a different box.


Got it thanks.Worked for me.I didnt notice them earlier as all 3 transition lines were overlapping .