Level 3 Assignment 2, Trasactionitem type

Hi all,

I have doubt in transaction type data type, in document they mentioned to use string type,

but if I chose string it is throwing error, because it is queueitem type in settransactiontype workflow . so is it just to confuse they have given or something


They are not confusing you! The datatype has to be String :slight_smile:
You just need to make changes everywhere. Wherever Transactionitem is being used in the workflow…change it to string it won’t give any error :slight_smile:

Niket Ghai

I think previously in forum someone got same prob like me,

thanks @Niket_Ghai

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Great :smiley:
Tell me if you need any help other than this :slight_smile:

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I have error in settransactionstatus, please see the screenshot.

the error is retrynumber is not a member of string.

@SUPRIYA123 had same problem, but in this post it is not mentioned how she cleared the error

Hey @phyogananda
Please delete the activity that is giving error. Your issue will be resolved!

Niket Ghai

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