In dispatcher process,I am getting error at transaction item variable type.(uipath level3 assignment2)


by default variable type is queue item for transaction item variable in main file,get transaction data,process,set transaction status files.But in walkthrough pdf,it is said to change to system.string.When i change to string it is throwing error.How to handle this?
Can anyone help?

Level 3 Assignment 2, Trasactionitem type

Can you share the screenshot of error @SUPRIYA123


it is saying disallows implicit conversion from integer to string at assign activity in get transaction data


@SUPRIYA123 In assign statement on right hand side ur getting result as integer. Convert that value into string




how to convert string to queue item.I am getting error at set transaction status workflow.

I am getting error in set transaction status workflow.Can anyone help?


Can you post the screenshot what error exactly you are getting?


cannot convert string to queue item is error


Delete that! It will work…you need not update the transaction data as far as I remember
Delete it from all three i.e. handle business exception and handle system error!
No just the part that gives error which set transaction status activity in this case…


u mean to delete entire set transaction status workflow?



ya i deleted.Thanks.It is saying retry number is not member of string


have you declared retry number as String? If yes, change it to int
Also please post screenshot to understand it better


No.It is int32


Please post the screenshot :slight_smile:


showing error at retry number

Level 3 Assignment 2, Trasactionitem type

@SUPRIYA123 what error u getting?


Error is Retry number is not member of string


Error is Retry number is not member of string


@SUPRIYA123 ur assigning in_TransactionItem to io_RetryNumber. am i correct