How to use REFramework without orchestrator

I want to code by UiPath reframework, Can any one tell me how to use REFramework without orchestrator?
How to modify the REF flow?

@jmy Yes, you can do this. Uipath academy has an assignment in the RPA Advanced Developer course in that you will get an idea of how to use RE Framework without using the queue, orchestrator.

Here you can take reference of these documents.

Calculate Client Security Hash - Process Design Document.pdf.pdf (483.6 KB)

Calculate Client Security Hash - Walkthrough Hints.pdf.pdf (1.3 MB)

Note: Instead of using assets just use Windows credential if you want to pass any kind of credentials on the webpage

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Hi @jmy

Refer this one

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any other idea?

You need to make some small changes in the workflow like:

  1. First change all the queue data type variables to the required data type.(Eg. Datarow)
  2. Remove “Get transaction item” activity from the “Get Transaction Data.xaml”
  3. Remove/Change the “Set transaction status” activity from Success,BE,SE sequences in the “Set transaction status.xaml”

I hope these changes are enough to remove orchestrator/queue dependency from REF.

UiPathinas, Please add if any further points/changes are required. :sweat_smile:

P.S. Add the required logic in the “Get Transaction Data.xaml”
Eg: If you are working with Excel/DataTables the use of this expression in “If condition”
in_TransactionNumber < io_TransactionData.Rows.Count



Hi @jmy

Well u can check the YouTube video link I have pasted

There I had explained how to work reframework with datatable, files

And @ManiPrajwal_K had also explained the process well


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