Attended Robot + Re Framework + No Orchestrator

What are the best practices to use Re-Framework for attended bot without use of orchestrator.

I have a use case where input file is an excel file and output is also an excel file.

Thanks in advance

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There are so many to follow
But let me try to mention the key points for attended bots in specific

  • Be it attended or unattended bot, always use a configuration file with which you can use to specify the settings for your bot.

  • try to use a global exception handler that you can use to catch and handle any exceptions that occur in your bot. This will help to keep your bot running smoothly even if something goes wrong.

  • Include a logging module that you can use to log the activity of your bot. This will help you to troubleshoot any problems that occur with your bot.

Refer this doc for more insights

  • Make your automation process robust by considering scenarios like missing input files, empty sheets, or unexpected data formats. Implement error checks and validations as needed.

  • Thoroughly test your automation to ensure it works as expected. Test various scenarios, including edge cases, to verify the reliability of your workflow.

  • Since it’s an attended bot, include user interaction points where necessary. This may involve input validation or prompts for user decisions.

  • Document your automation process, including the workflow design, dependencies, and instructions for the end user. This documentation helps with maintenance and support.

  • Optimize your automation for performance, especially when dealing with large Excel files. Consider techniques like reading data in chunks rather than all at once.

  • If applicable, use version control systems to track changes to your automation project over time.

  • Implement backup mechanisms for critical files
    and Error Reporting

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Sairam_RPA

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Hope it’s clarified
If yes would recommend to close this topic

If not we can keep this discussion open
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I think you could check this post for some clues: How to use REFramework without orchestrator - #5 by ManiPrajwal_K

If ReFramework is used, it already contains exception handling and hence using the Global Exception Handler is not needed.

That’s true and I know that
I wanted to emphasise the usage of it


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Thankyou Guys @Palaniyappan @efelantti . Appreciate your help.

Do you guys know if there is a template for attended bots that do not use orchestrator.

Here is how its done.

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