UiPATH Robotic Enterprise Framework Without Orchestrator

If select the UiPATH Robotic Enterprise Framework for the development and manage not to use Orchestrator is it a good practice or better to use your own flow when decide not to use the Orchestrator. Highly appreciate your response on the same.

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you can use REFramework without orchestrator. but as i recall you have to change the input from being queues on orchestrator to any other input.

REFramework handles recovery in case of bot failure and divides your code into separate sequences. which in my opinion is also a very good example of good practice.



@johnny123, Thank you so much for your quick response on the same. And could you or someone please let it know what are the all extract things to be change in REFramework when use the REFramework without Orchestrator. I know some like Get Transaction State,Set Transaction States(Orchestrator Based Activities) but need to know the all extract points/activities that need to be changed when REFramework using without Orchestrator. This is really important because we can not change the flow(Because it has completed the RPA development) at the stage of deploying. Again thanks in advance. :+1:


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