How to stop the bot, without Orchestrator

Hi to all,
premised, I’m using a UiPath Studio, without the orchestrator.
I wish I could stop the process, if a certain situation arises.

Ex: the bot needs to log into a web GUI, to perform a series of cyclic operations.
If the user is blocked, I would like it to stop permanently.

Currently the bot uses a scheduler, therefore, I set an action RANGE of 1h, and during that hour, it is either working or trying to log in.

I would like that after the first attempt, if it fails to connect, it stops definitively, in fact, as if it no longer considers the to-do list, but goes directly to the bot’s last task.
is there a way to do this?
thanks to all…

Hi @AaronMark,

Kindly follow below steps,

  • Published your package to local folder
  • open CMD to location of where UiRobot.exe is present
  • Execute command .\UiRobot.exe -file “.nupkg”
  • you can stop the robot from the UiPath Assistance

Happy Automation, Cheers!


Just assume you are running the unattended bot if you want to stop it either you need to do via orchestrator or from the robot machines installing assistant apart from these there are no other options.

How to stop from robot machine pls refer @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 steps provided above.

But my suggestion would be handled it in the code itself. ie., if first attempt its failed to login next step should be close the all applications and bot should stop. So that next run will be smooth.

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Hi @AaronMark. I agree with @muthuraman.g in this scenario.

I suggest implementing exception handling directly into your code. If this is not an error scenario where you want to throw an exception, you can simply catch the exception and invoke the referenced “bot’s last task” with an Invoke Workflow Activity, and proceed with Closing All Applications after.

The bot’s last task in that case should be placed in a separate workflow that can be invoked if the scenario is encountered.

I recommend looking into this topic to implement the RE:Framework without utilizing Orchestrator, and implement this logic in your code:
How to use REFramework without orchestrator - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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