REFramework without Queue or without data table

How can we use Reframework without queue or without using datatable ? the process doesn’t have any input transaction items to be processed one-by-one. The process just involves login to application and pretty straighforward navigations and just clicking some parts of the ui once and nothing to process one by one . for this requirement can you please let me know how can I modify ReFramework? Can I just leave Get Transaction Data state blank without modifying anything inside it? Thank you.

But I need to use reframework cause it is easy to recover from errors when using reframework.

Try to del GetTranscationData and modify the reframework.
Add single row dummy datatable and that will proceed to process transcation.
You can handle errors wihout using reframework template. just have a look at reframework how errors are handled

do you have sample template using dummy /…thanks.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali

How many times u had to do it ?

Can u tell it please?

what do you mean how many times @NIVED_NAMBIAR \ ?

Like how many u need to do same actiions in that application?

@AhmedKutraphali I believe there is already a Tutorial video by @mukeshkala in UiPath Academy Demonstrating the conversion of RE Framework to a Linear Process .

Let us know if you still have more clarifications to be made.


can you please send the specific link or project ? thanks.

@AhmedKutraphali Check the Below link :

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Hi @AhmedKutraphali… Clone this repo, this may help you as a starter code for your requirement.