A robot with user name 'someName' is not defined in Orchestrator

Hi All,

I’m getting this error from Studio:

“A robot with user name ‘someName’ is not defined in Orchestrator”

I’ve check Orchestrator and I’m pretty sure I have set the correct Robot names. However, when I tried to run the project on Studio, the error shows up. Is there a specific file from UiPath folder that needs to be edited to update the robot name or to correct the error?

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Hi All,

resolved this issue by putting the computer account name\username on the domain\username field in Orchestrator - Robot settngs. I guess I got to excited on this. Cheers!


Oh yeah…u were correct. The error got corrected in a single attempt…Thanx :+1:

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Thanks for the suggestion it worked.
The mistake I did was, we need to specify “Machine” & “username” for creating a robot in Orchestrator. Both are different.
Machine name: You can get from system screen.
Username: Account by which you log into the account. If it is in domain than user “domain\username”


That’s correct. Here is the Orchestrator user guide with the updated info:

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Again a very helpful Post - but - (of course there is always a but) :wink:

I was facing the same issue and thanks to a post from @Iyce_Winsoft I was quickly able to fix it. So again thanks for that Iyce.

What I was wondering about, as the Rooky I am, was why this was necessary.
After installing UI Path everything worked fine. I started to do the foundational training and suddenly nothing was working anymore. OK, but why!?

To make it short, hoping that this will help other rookies when searching for this topic.

When you reproduce the steps in orchestrator following the first tutorial video you will register your first Robot and switch it to connect. Congratulation you managed to register the robot but you also turned off the user mode and switched it to a service. Presumably without knowing about this 2 states at this first stage after letz say some 25min of video – like me.

Finally, just hit the disconnect Button on the Robot settings, lean back, watch the other vids and continue having fun.



Hi lyce
I am getting the same Error as shown,Can you please help me in solving this issue.

I have uploaded the Errors got and setting made.
Thanks in advance , it will be very kind of you.

Thanks & Regards


Hi All,

I’m getting the same error


I’m a beginner in UiPath. I follow the instruction and yet I still cannot proceed when trying to run the application. Can you please help me. I only have 6 days to use the temporary orchestration link for self certification of Uipath.

Hoping to received an answer. Thanks so much!

@vinod_sagar @aldavid

sorry for the late reply. I was working on a project.

Let me verify first:

  1. Are you on a network/domain?
  2. Can you setup and create a profile on this link https://demo.uipath.com and do the same thing. (Provision robot and connect to orchestrator)
  3. turnoff firewall or any AV running on background
  4. How do you log in to your machine? (domain\username or username only). <<<-- this one matters.

I tried to connect using the said method on this thread and still I was able to sync machine bot and Orchestrator.

Let me know any updates from you guys.



Hello Lyce,

Thank you very much for ur time and support.
now its working fine…

Which Project you are working, assignment 1 or assignment 2?
I have to start it…

Thanks & Regards

you’re welcome.

I’m on assignment 2. Still stuck. :slight_smile:

oh very nice…
Can you please tell me that is that RE Frame work…

@vinod_sagar,RE FramenWork is a template for complex projects with inbuilt flow from Begin to end,error handling,Various Project template Code files So that it reduces the Code to develop the whole project within minimum timespan


Thank you sreekant… :slightly_smiling_face:

How do we create Framework…? or we have to download it from this link…?https://github.com/UiPath/ReFrameWork
Is this a standard one and we can use this for company projects?


Yes you can use it for any project


yes you can use it. Or, if you notice, on the UiPath platform, you can create an REFramework


hope it helps!


Thank you

What is the Error you are getting?

I had the same issue and this was due to the fact that I was using Microsoft account to login to the workstation where the robot was running, to check the adequate name run the command “whoami” in the command prompt and you will see the account you need to use in Orchestrator:

I hope this helps for people using Microsoft’s account to authenticate in their workstations.