UiPath Robot - Error : The robot is unavailable

Hello everyone !

Let me know my problem. I try to connect my Robot with the Orchestrator but it doesn’t works… !

I set up the robot on the orchestrator (create robot and machine & environment) :

But my robot is unavailable on the UiPath :


FYI : I use the demo of UiPath Orchestrator and Studio.

Please, help me and don’t hesitate if you need more informations.

Can you check if the username you gave while provisioning the robot is same as the one you get one you run the command whoami in the command prompt? @BaptisteC

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@BaptisteC New requirements for Robot to Orchestrator connection!


@WhenCutEsh , thank you for your reply. But can you help me :

" UiPath "

What’s the correlation with accountName and ServiceName ? Where can i found it ? :slight_smile:

You may find the full address in the address bar when you are on Orchestrator Tenant page

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@WhenCutEsh Thank you it will help me for the futur ! But still doesn’t works :confused:

Oh thank you ! It works !
Thanks for your help @HareeshMR and @WhenCutEsh :slight_smile:

The username was wrong cause he domain was in upper case…

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