Keeps getting Robot unavailable status

I’m currently training on UiPath and facing an issue.I created an Orchestrator tenant, created a machine, a robot, environment, etc… And despite all this, When I enter the machine key, URL, I can connect to the Orchestrator plaftform, but I keep having the status “Robot unavailable”

can anyone help me for this!!:disappointed_relieved:

Are you getting this error “Robot unavailable” when running in Studio? This usually is caused because there is no Robot that is associated to the user profile and machine that you are using. Also, make sure you have the domain/user set up correct for the Robot.

Actually i forgot my tenant name for orchestrator site.i faced difficulties during login to the site. so that i created another one tenant and username,credentials in the same machine.when i trying to connect with new orchestrator, the dashboard shows as robot available.But the robot tray keep showing as “Robot Unavailable” robot does not exist!

Yeah, I think the Tray and Studio are linked to UiRobot.exe which is how the Robot is connected to Orchestrator. Only thing I can think of is that your robot in Orchestrator is not connected to the user that you are logged in as. Feel free to show some screenshots of your Robot settings from Orchestrator and maybe someone can provide some tips.