Issues about orchestrator ,i can't able to do uipath robot

Hello Friends

I am trying to create robot but it was showing message like " Robot Unavailable"
and more over
orchestrator–> machines–>Installed Version shows = Unknown

what is the reason for that ?
Please anyone give me solution for this

Hi @anwar_sd
Reason is, your robot is not connected with the orchestrator.
Once u provision the robot in the orchestrator, then open the robot tray settings and provide the orchestrator url and machine key of provisioned robot.It will work.

Hi Chetan94k

i did all this and my robot showing connected in mashine but still the same issue in orchestrator machines still showing unknown

is there any configuration should me done to fixed this issue

Hi , I have the same issue. Showing Unknown

try these steps


Hi, thank you. The problem was that I did not provide the domain in Orchestrator but only the username.