How to get a Job Uipath Developer, if you have a 5yrs of experience in BPO

How to get a Job Uipath Developer, if you have a 5yrs of experience in BPO.
I completed courses from youtube and academy portal too but unabletto get a job due to my previous experience is not related to development field and automation too, can someone please helpme to start a carrier in uipath

Hi @Avinash_Wankhede,

Do not be demotivated by some rejections. It is part of the process.

The key thing to get across to your potential employer is that you can take initiatives and act on them. One way to show this objectively is to create person automation projects which can make life easier not only to you but people similar to you.

Some time back there was a question regarding ideas for proof of concepts. I have pen down some ideas for personal projects, next time you have an interview and can show a demo of your automations, I promise you the person on the other side will have to think twice before they decide. That is where you want to be, to be considered often and then it is just a numbers game.

Do read this thread : Need ideas to develop POC - Help / Something Else - UiPath Community Forum
Remember focus on solving a real life problem.

It will be hard, but it will be worth the effort. The community wishes you goodluck!

Welcome to the uipath community!

It’s excellent to hear you’ve worked in the BPO domain. You’ll need to understand the basics of UiPath components, as well as UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, and UiPath Orchestrator.

UiPath is no code development tool however, if you have logical thinking, you can quickly adapt and understand this tool.

The most important thing is that you put in the time and practice a lot.

If you wish to learn how to use the RPA uipath tool, you may sign up for the uipath academy or watch any uipath digital coach on YouTube.

Srenivasan Kannan

Thanks a lot for helping me this, I will keep practicing and keep growing.

Thanks a lot

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