Not getting job in uipath after experience and certification

Hi, there.
i’m from india.this is my story just to share with all that i’m facing from last one year and these days it feels me very bad.
since there is no one around me to guide or assist me about what is missing in my carrier path.
i’m an experienced software developer of 3.7 years. worked with different technologies from golang, lua ,php, mysql, postgresql,
telephonic switch(Freeswitch) etc.
there was a time when i was on a bench i researched on RPA Uipath and since i also worked with this tool for many months in the organisation.
as time grown, my interest was also increased in RPA.

then covid comes in April 2020, i lost my job and now i had time to done my certification and some hands on projects experience.
now this time my primary focus to become a RPA developer and for this i was rapidly grabing knowledge base from various resources across the
i continuously applied for RPA from all possible job portals, many of few one called me back but with the same reply that they need
certification completed and more experience in uipath.
ok, i was also working on my certifications modules sequentially. although this certification was excluded with advanced modules.
and in march, 2021. when i completed certification, and updated my CV all over the job portals.
and yes, i got calls now, total 5 interviews were scheduled within this 1.5 months time period. although many of others notified me over call for the interview
but never replied me back, might be my very large gap portfolio or their requirements.
here i got to know very new requirement from almost all these interviews, all they said that if you didn’t come with Licensed Enterprise version then we cannot process with
further rounds. i was told that i sholud work on Licensed Enterprise version of UiPath and only community version can not be considered.
besides of that, just saying a good review of my skills and
knowledge, thay all ended my process of interview.

what i got to know, i didn’t work in Licensed Enterprise Version of UiPath. reason, when i started in previous organisation, i had created a bot for some
daily routine tasks with existing solution but it was that company’s requirement.
but reading many articles and blogs of this RPA technology about upcoming jobs seems to me very gimmick.

now i’m in a state where i’ve challenges to get the job, to fit in each organisation requirements and also the the time is moving with long gap of my CV.
please suggest me for my carrier path where i’m lacking in terms of knowledge and industy’s requirements.
any help from you guys can make my path and goal clear.

without having these things, how can a newbie join this new technology. it seems no value of certification, since not every certifications provide enterprise
level solutions as hands on.

As a hiring manager, I highly value certification, and that coupled with hands-on experience makes for a top candidate and frankly, that combination is rare in my experience. 1 out of 40 candidates has both, although that will change very soon due to RPA’s rapid adoption and the growth of UiPath in particular. It sounds like the gap for you is a lack of experience with the enterprise version or more specifically lack of experience with enterprise deployments. I’ve never asked a candidate about which version they use. What I care about is, 1: What kind and, how many automation have you deployed, and 2: What financial and other impact did they have on your organization. If you can answer those questions well, you are golden. Have you considered doing freelance work on Upwork? That could get enterprise bot deployments under your belt, and you could answer or volunteer the benefits of those automations in an interview. Good luck in your search!


Big Thanks @Dan_A for sharing your thoughts.
yes, i’ve show cased my skills for RPA in freelancers platforms, it would be a great curve towards enterprise deployments and for a step of my RPA enterprise journey.
meanwhile, i’m getting hands on from various places from internet as an advanced level skills.
searching continue. peace out :v:

Hey Arjun, I wanted to respond to this post as well.

I’ll give you my experience not as a hiring manager but as an RPA Developer. It does seem like many job postings online do ask about the certification so it’s always a plus to have, but as far as the day to day job as a developer I’d say it doesn’t matter at all (though typically job postings read like they aren’t written by people who use UiPath themselves).

What I feel like is important to employers is the idea of if we bring you into this company today can you come in and immediately start producing results here? Do you leave any question in our mind that maybe you doesn’t have the full skill set? Because companies are making an investment in you being the guy who will be able to program a process in a timely manner for anything they throw at you. The kind of thing of if Arjun doesn’t know how to do it, were confident enough in his experience that he will be able to learn how on his own and keep us on our schedule.

If you want a job as a UiPath Developer I would work on doing that 5 days a week as if it were your job, no one wants to see ‘lack of experience’ on your resume, or in the interview. Your experience in building bots is more important than if you use enterprise vs community edition. Honestly the people above me I work for wouldn’t know the difference between the two, they don’t care if the coding of a particular bot is not necessarily super clean coding, all they care about is the end result – does the bot run efficiently, on time, and does it stay up? is it good enough that we can get our output on our time schedules?

I would just work on building bots daily, where you can tell the next interviewer you have experience developing 20 bots in UiPath, and where YOU feel like you know this program like the back of your hand. I would also focus your job search, so rather than ‘I need ANY RPA job’ what is the industry that you want to make an impact in, and which are the companies that would be fools to pass you up before you walk out the door to their competitor. You have a lot of experience in different coding languages, your probably better in that stuff than I am, just get that UiPath experience up until you can honestly convey to the that confidence in your skillset.

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