How can young developers gain job experience?

Hi, My name es Luis Fernando Pazos, I’ve been in Ui Path fo a year now and really looking forward to start gaining experience as a RPA Developer. But it’s been hard for me to find a way where a young men with the basics logic of RPA Ui Path can start to get my hands on real work and to see real scenarios. Also since i’m in Venezuela where in terms of Solutions Tecnology is very late. So finding a local job is even harder.
So i just want you guys to help in any advice or offer you may have that can help me to start my journey, and maybe not only me but others that have the same inquiry.
Thanks for reading and hope to recieve a feedback.
Regards Luisfer.


Welcome back to UiPath forum

Let’s go one by one

First highly appreciating your interest towards career and its growth
That shows how you are passionate about being rpa Developer
Initially I would suggest you to find the scope for automation in your workplace
Connect with cross teams and have a conversation with them like is there any process that looks more repetitive

Get those process and see whether it can be automated
With this you will get to know different scope of automation

And outside work place you can look for developer forums for N number of real-time scenarios
Best example is this forum where you can have a view on forum and get to know different scenarios
Try to solve them so that you that you can improve your knowledge and share your knowledge as well

And finally

Finding a job is not a big deal
Put yourself in to a situation where you take part in RPA events, build new connects, collaborate with them, and find your place over there

That’s it
The ultimate aim is simple
Service and adventure

Cheers @Luis_Fernando

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Hi @Luis_Fernando,

There are few things that you can do to gain experience:

  1. Please go through RPA developer foundation course on UiPath academy (link below) to gain knowledge around different things possible using UiPath. It also have assignments/small projects to help you get comfortable with RPA development.

  2. Post step 1, you can go through use case repository and find a use case that is more feasible for you to replicate and create an automation for.

  1. You can also register for mentor ship program(link below) in UiPath wherein you can register as a mentee defining what all you seek ti gain insights on as part of this mentor ship. Then you will matched with a mentor who can help you pick some real time scenarios from his experience or can share how a particular automation can be approached.
  1. I would also suggest to keep a watch on hackathon events or technology challenges (link below)that UiPath keeps arranging. You can pair up with someone and participate in the event to create solutions and learn from other people. These events are usually arranged with the theme to solve actual problem statements in society/market.
  1. Also there is a post published recently on forum(link below:) on RPA developer roadmap wherein anyone can participate in project development and gain experience. You can give it a try, might turn out to be useful.
  1. And lastly for job search, would suggest to keep a watch on UiPath’s job board (link below) wherein RPA jobs from all over the world are published so you can filter according to your search criteria and might be able to find something more quicker.

Hope these pointers help you.



Hello Sonalia,
First of all i want to give you a huge huge thank you! I can see you took your time on preparing this response so amazaing and useful. It really gave me a vision o what a should do. I will start working on all this stuff you told me.

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Hi @Luis_Fernando,

I am glad you found it helpful :slight_smile:

And If your query has been resolved, would suggest to close the topic :slight_smile:


Hi @Luis_Fernando,

As you are already familiar with UiPath studio / UiPath products, I suggest you to not get stuck in the “Tutorial Hell” or participating in hackathons or challenges. The real world projects are much more complex than them.

The advantage you have is that as a deveoper you can work from any remote location. I would advice you to freelance for a shortwhile so that you are exposed to atleast some relevant realworld RPA applications. Even freelancing may not expose you to the other complex problems, but as your career progresses you will get access to better challenges. In short, be open to trial-by-fire.

When you freelance, the first question you need to ask yourself is why would someone come to you and not use another freelancer? That is where being brutally honest about your skillset and clearing defining your service will help you. In your profile (freelance websites) you have to mention that you understand and can implement number of techniques in UiPath or other RPA tools. A simple portfolio would be enough evidence. A while ago, I had suggested some ideas for PoCs in the forum Need ideas to develop POC - Help / Something Else - UiPath Community Forum. Some of these PoCs can be in your freelance portfolio.

Both Upwork and fiverr allow you to offer your services as a RPA developer. There are other platforms for freelancing as well.

Later, you can leverage this freelance experience to apply to any company. Experience will trump any certification or degree. Or you can continue being your own boss as a freelancer :slight_smile:

In another post, I have written about how to get better at things you want to learn and master
Can I buy a course in Udemy? - Help - UiPath Community Forum

I wish you good luck with your career. This will be tough, but remember, you can do this.

Slow and steady.


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