Need ideas to develop POC

Hi @Anitha_Rk,

I suggest you start from a problem which either you or anyone you know is having. Even better go to a random shop and ask them what kind of repetitive backoffice jobs they do and convince them that you can help automate the process at no cost to them. UiPath community license can be used by them (if they are 250 employees or less) even after you are finished with the project.

I can assure you anything you do to help solve a real life problem will speak for itself in an interview. This is slam dunk in any developer interview. It demonstrates your initiative, courage, technical and soft skills and execution.

You will learn a lot more by solving a real life problem than making simple automation which are like reinventing a wheel. I don’t mean to say they are not useful in a starting phase when you are learning to use a tool but would stray from stating POCs in resumes unless done in a professional setting.

Nonetheless here are some ideas for robot or pitches you can use in interviews :

  1. A robot organizing your inbox. How your robot always helps you keep 0 item in the inbox.

  2. A robot which you use to categorize your receipts. The robot has helped take control of your finances by helping in tracking your spending.

  3. A robot which alerts your based on different financial indicators on which stock to buy and why. Robot polls the closing prices for the last few years and creates a datatable with a handful of financial indicators (Bollinger bands, rsi or moving averages) and you create your own logic to interpret the indicators and suggest buy or don’t buy signals.

  4. A robot which helps in taking a backup of google photos. This is the currently an important problem which many will struggle since Google is stopping free photo uploads to Google photos. Your robot can help take a backup of all of the users photos.

  5. A robot which scrapes the internet for new patents related to a particular field and extracts key novelty in the filed patent.

  6. A robot which implements a simple regression OR K-means clustering algorithm from scratch without using any external libraries. The algorithm entirely written in UiPath.

  7. A robot which only uses Invoke-Javascript to automate a web-based process with the fastest possible execution. Shows that you understand how to interact with website using Javascript.

  8. A robot which first runs / starts a local server and then browses to the local server (website) and performs any number of operations. Shows that you are comfortable with command line or powershell integrations.

  9. A robot which only uses API s to get the work done. For example you use an API to get the current location and use the location coordinates to poll the population of that city and later poll some weather data for that city. Shows you are comfortable with consuming different APIs

  10. A robot which replaces an entire data pipeline and uses the end result as an input to another robot by adding the output to an Orchestrator queue using the UiPath API. Shows you are comfortable with getting data, transforming it and combining different sources to make a structured dataset and use the UiPath API

I hope these ideas will motivate you further. Good luck to you in the future.