Need guidance on starting career in UiPath

Hi All

I have been working in UiPath since last 1 year. In my company we don’t have any big project or team. We are only working on some POCs and showing demos to the client. I am very much interested to continue in UiPath and want to learn more. I am also certified.

As in market the demand is for min 2 years and also should have experience in industry best practice, how can i proceed further to satisfy the requirement ? Because in my company we don’t have solid project and we have not deployed any bot in prod yet. I have very good knowledge in uipath so far but not sure how is it in actual industry.

So please help me how should i proceed further ?

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Hi @kkpatel

I can give you some tips on this as this is exactly how I started my career in RPA :slight_smile:

The point is, you don’t need to have projects in your company to gain experience in RPA… If there is no opportunity, create your own :smiley:

Best place to gain the experience on RPA projects is right here in the forum. With the knowledge you have, contribute to the community… Here, you will see all kinds of problems people face, and different projects they work on…

Once you do a good contribution, you will also get to know people, and they will be cool friends… When they build the trust on you, they will also communicate with you much closely as they trust you and they can depend on you… This gives you a chance to work closer with their projects and that’s where you gain experience in real world projects…

I did the same… I was involved in many RPA projects and made lot of friends… This is where I learnt a lot and got industry project experience :smiley:


@kkpatel Woudl suggest you to keep on giving interviews irrespective of the size of the company. So you will get to know what is expected and how to crack the interviews.

Then, wait for your turn. You will surely get through. Till then, just keep on updating and learning stuffs.

I understand your point @Lahiru.Fernando. But the way you are saying i can gain lot of knowledge but i won’t get real time industry experience. So when i will switch to other company i may find difficulty.

Also as i have only done POCs and not real time projects, will that be sufficient to enter the Uipath industry. Also i have more than 6 years of experience so the roles and responsibility will be more.

Check interviews

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