How to get a job in UIpath domain

Hello All,

Not really sure if this is appropriate place to post this question.But please forgive me if so be the case.

I am coming from BPO background with no IT/programming experience.
is it good if i can switch my career in RPA domain.

Can anybody please suggest me a best learning path to get into this domain.

So far i’hv just completed UIpath basics certification but i am still puzzled with lot of doubts.

I will be thankful for the advice.


This is not the right section. You can post this query in the below section.

Yes. UiPath is the right one for a beginner like you. You don’t need extensive programming background for this. If you are familiar with basics of VB.Net thats enough.
If you have any queries/doubts you can post a question in


  1. Is it enough to have knowledge in Uipath or should we get hands on the other tool as well
  2. what exact basics of (is it just untill data types ?) knowledge we should have and where we can learn easiest way

Thanks in advance.


  1. UiPath is based on Robotic process automation (or RPA ) which is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots. Where as other tools are different. RPA is going to be the future. Many top leading companies are started using RPA.
  2. You can easily learn on your own. There are many websites where you can learn.

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