How to Click with KeyModifiers "Ctrl" in background?

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How to Click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background?

I know that “SendWindowMessages” or “SimulateClick” is needed to run robot in background .
But with these option, we cannnot click with Ctrl.

Can we click with Ctrl in in background?
Is it different depending on application handled by UiPath?

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Hey @SoshiMiyata
you can just you have to check keymodifiers property of Click activity with Simulate Click.


Hi @aksh1yadav

Thank you for your reply.

I checked, but it doesn’t work in background(screen locked).

Does it depend on application, and is there an application it works?

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Soshi Miyata

you are running it with orchestrator?

For your understanding -


Oh…I haven’t know that…And I didn’t use orchestrator yet.

Isn’t Attended Robot (Front Office Robot) supported with screen locked any more now?

And aren’t the product of Attended Robot and Unattended Robot same as specification except for license?
I think above because 2 trial patterns of Robots can not be downdloaded .

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Soshi Miyata


Didn’t get it… will you be so kind to describe more for me to understand what you are trying to say?


UiPath RPA Platform can be downloaded as TRIAL, but Attended(Front Office Robot) and Unattended(Back Office Robot) is not distinguished.

Therefore I think that the Robot product is only one type, but license is different according to how to use Robot; Attended(Front Office Robot) or Unattended(Back Office Robot).

So regardless of that Robot is under of Orchestrator or not, I think robot can work with locked screen.
Of course, I will follow the license rule if Attended Robot cannnot be used with locked screen.

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Soshi Miyata

Based on my understanding, there’s only one product but it acts differently according to which license you have.
When you activate the Robot with attended license, it won’t work with locked screen.
When you activate the Robot with unattended license, it will work with locked screen but it requires orchestrator to start the process.

You are right. :slight_smile:

Some points for you.

  1. From my perspective if you wanna run robot with locked screen and with Attended Robot license then you have to use Windows scheduler, which is no longer supported by UiPath. It is now recommended to use the scheduling from Orchestrator. You can still try to run it using Windows scheduler, but UiPath offers no guarantees it will work as intended.

  2. The robot itself doesn’t know if it’s attended or unattended. In Orchestrator → License tab you will upload a file based on a license code provided by the sales team. (ex.: 3 attended, 2 unattended). Then you will provision the robot as attended for example and connect it to orchestrator and the robot will know it has the attended parameters(cannot start or schedule jobs from orchestrator) .

  3. The unattended robot is recommended for production. In your scenario, I would say the 1st setup will be a better fit because when you develop you also want to test.since UiPath Studio is for development and you are allowed to run it as robot for testing/development purposes but not in production.


I would like to know whether Robot can click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background or not.
It didn’t work in excel application, so I guess that Robot cannot click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in any application in background.

I think RPA Platform TRIAL and Community edition is allowed to use Robot as Unattended(Back Office Robot).

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Soshi Miyata

With community Edition you can use Orchestrator with two robots limit.

Go with this : Uipath Academy

and complete Orchestrator Module and to check with orchestrator for community edition go with this link:

Orchestrator CE


Hi @SoshiMiyata,

So are you using Windows scheduler to run it under locked screen? Or you run it and then lock the screen?
Anyways, as @aksh1yadav mentioned above, the Attended robot is no longer supported to run under locked screen.
Also, what type of license do you have?


I’m using Windows scheduler or running it and then lock the screen in both ways.

I have UiPath Platform TRIAL license before purchase, and I’ve heard that Community edition cannot click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background too.

Which is true between a to c?
a. Only UiPath Platform TRIAL license before purchase and Community edition cannot click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background. After purchasing the unattended license, UiPath Platform can become to click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background.

b. Regardless of license type or TRIAL, UiPath cannot click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background. Therefore taking alternative way is better.

c. Regardless of license type or TRIAL, it depends on automated application by UiPath whether UiPath can or cannot click with KeyModifiers “Ctrl” in background.

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Soshi Miyata


The first one is true. The Trial version is now Community before licensing.
Let’s put it this way: if the human user cannot perform those actions under lock screen nor does the Attended robot. If you have Unattended robot and you start/schedule a job from Orchestrator running a process that contains performing click with KeyModifiers it will do the job :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your answer.
I recognized specification and license

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Soshi Miyata


I’ve tried to find any information about what activities that unattended support?
Or is the only difference between unattended/attended that you have simulate/window message checked?

I am currently on the community edition. Trying to start a process, then lock/close the citrix window. It has send window message checked. But it stops whenever I lock citrix window. What could the reason for this be?

Hi @Smith93

I think you have to set up some things on your RDP. Please check this post and let me know if it works after:

From here: Usual Orchestrator errors (FAQ) - Troubleshooting