Running robot with locked screen


I am current using CE and am trying to run my robot behind a locked screen. Currently, when I schedule in Orchestrator and lock my screen before the run, the robot unlocks my screen to begin the automation and then relocks it upon completion. The only information I could dig up about how to get around this so far has been to run in studio and then lock the screen during the run (which does work). I found that here:

But is there a way to have it run under a locked screen without having to manually lock it during the run when you schedule a job through Orchestrator?

Also, I have found that for the processes I have been able to run under a locked screen, there are certain things that will fail such as type into, click element, etc. Can someone give me some insight on the limitations of running on a locked screen or maybe how to get around some of these limitations?

Thank you!

You can use properties which will make bot to run on background like Simulate click, Send window message, simulate type etc…

Thank you, that helps me with understanding what can run in the background! However, for the first part of my question I believe I am still lost. Even with running an automation that can run in the background (i.e. using simulate type rather than type into) it is still unlocking my computer to run it. Is there any way that the robot could complete the automation without ever needing unlocked?

The idea I can think of but sounds inefficient is to have a bot that stays running/active and uses delay statements to decide when to execute. (i.e. Delay Until Date Time).

There are certain applications which do not work when click activity, type into activity have simulate attributes enabled.

What should we do in these scenarios?
I have attended robot and scheduled process through orchestrator. The target machine however could be locked and I still want the job to run.
How can i achieve this?

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