After some record tab click not work when screen locked

After some record tab click not work when screen locked.What I try
1.type into activity with simulate click not work
2. send hot key with send error message
3. set text
all these I put in retry scope still not work.
error got time out reached.
when I am unlock my screen then its start work fine.
@Palaniyappan @GBK

@Aditya10989 -
according to the license of robots - actions can’t be perform when it locked screen.

pls refer below link for details…

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I faced this issue in local system and as well as deploy in orchestrator. My application have long process so it take 18 hours to execute.So that time screen locked.

maybe you can’t try -

  • loggoff the rdp…
  • change the robot type as unattended
  • disabled login to console… for the robot.
    execute and check…

or if its enterprise edition- you can try below……

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thanks for reply I think its activity code related issue not which you mention.Because if I comment tab click activity then this application run almost 8 hours when screen is locked.
that’s why I am sure my tab click is not working after some records.
May I know what is other approach I can use to click on tab…?

@Aditya10989 If screen is locked in the attended licence mode than you can’t perform any action on it if you have unattended licence than you can perform

yes I am working on unattended