Unattended robot is working but some activities failed

Hi Guys,

I’ve published a project which needs to run every day. Here everything is fine when we start manually and the system is on. And also when triggering it works fine if the system is on but it fails when the system is locked.
The robot is running even system is locked some activities like ‘Click’ are not working so it shows an error…
I tried using simulate and send window but it shows error

How can I solve this issue?

Hi @VelanDev

Are you working with an web application or Desktop application. If it’s an desktop application the input type will be of Hardware events type so in such cases the unattended bots won’t work and we can’t run the bot if the screen is locked. If you are working with web application. If it’s an web application follow the below thread steps too make the bot run even if it’s unattended.

Hope you understand!!

Thanks for your reply sir.

My Bot is running sir even screen is locked but it fails in particular activity.
For example, 1. Delete file activity, 2. if, 3. open browser, 4. type into, 5. Log message 6. Click
my bot is running first 5 activities also even screen is locked but always facing error in 6. Click activity…
here "problem is here " is a log message after that click activity is not working how can i fix this

Hi @VelanDev

Check if the selectors of Click activity has been changed.


Check Selector for Click activity (probably there may be something dynamic in between,which changes). Alternatively try with Image Click activity and see if everything works fine for you.

Checked sir… Selector didn’t changed

Hi @VelanDev

Please schedule a process at specific time and try by sign out the server from windows tab. Hope it will work.
I was also facing the same issue before but now my unattended bots run perfectly by sign out the server on which it is deployed.

No bro it’s not working… If it changes dynamically then it can’t run when we trigger manually right? But it always running when we do manually and also triggered when system is on.

Are you using enterprise edition or community edition? Because, unattended license sometime won’t work in community edition in locked screen. And usually, you have to give access permissions while connecting robot and machine in orchestrator. And please prefer use a VDI for unattended runs.

Use element exist to check if selector exist or not. If it exist click it, other wise add Click image activity to execute.

Cant get you bro… Can you please explain more… Sign out thr server from windows tab what it means?

Using community edition mam. But if unattended license does not work in the community edition then previous activities also won’t work right? In this case bot is working fine with activities like Log message, Navigate to, Type into, and some others even the system is locked , 'Click ’ activity is not working

Just sign out the server on which your orchestrator is deployed.

Please confirm if this strategy is working for you or not.

Yes bro just now checked it. I think Click Image activity won’t work when system is locked

Ok to debug deeper, in your original workflow, add a screenshot activity to see screenshot of the actual window at that time to see whether page was really loaded and click button was there or not.