Handle start Process security alert

When I start a process which is a exe file, I get a security alert do you want to run. I cannot automate this as it does not go to next activity and is stopped on start process. How can we handle this scenario.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mohammedamaan

Could you show an example of the prompt that you are getting?

Hi @loginerror,

Attached is the screenshot.
Sorry for such image as there is not internet on this computer.

You could try to disable it like so:

Due to clients administrative restriction I cannot change this. Also I believe the client will not agree for the same.

Isn’t there anyway we can automate this?

Could you try running Studio as administrator? It might be able to get the selector of that window then

It does not goes to the next activity. It is stopped at start process

Could you check if you can unblock the file? Somehow like so (excuse me the quickly googled screenshot :sweat_smile:)

I just came across this issue as well. I took a tip from this thread. Run the bot in debug mode, pause when it opens the application, then use UiExplorer to find the element.

After doing that, I found the following to be the selector information:

<wnd app='uipath.executor.exe' cls='#32770' title='Open File - Security Warning' />
<wnd ctrlid='4426' title='&amp;Run' />

What I ended up doing is running the application and a click activity in parallel. The click has a DelayBefore of 200 (anything faster and it wouldn’t work properly) and I set the ClickType to CLICK_DOUBLE. The double click is so it brings the window into focus and then clicks the button.


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