How to handle Windows Security Warning popup?

We are trying to automate one application. When the application is started a security popup appears.


You can try to get the selector in the traditional way but it is not recognized when automation is running.

It seems that the only way is to open another instance of Studio and get the selector of another process which has called the app. Then selector looks like that:


Then it works, but it is not very reliable. Is there any better way? Maybe this popup could be disabled somehow? Application opens from server URL.

Sometimes robot does not click on this and nothing happens. Robot just gets stuck forever.

selectors are able to identify?

Hi @NotFranmax

Have you tried with Element exist or Image exist activity

Have a look on the thread


Hi @NotFranmax ,

Please check if this Post is able to help you:

Thank You, this is exactly identical solution I have implemented, but it does not work every time. Sometimes click is not registered and robot freezes.