Start Process Activity "Are you sure you want to run this file?"

When I start a process I always get a pop up window that asks me if I’m sure I want to run this file, and I can hit run, or cancel. The start process activities just freezes up right at that point and doesn’t continue. I don’t want it to continue if the application doesn’t open, but how do I handle this pop up? Is there something I can type into the arguments to somehow click the run button in my start process activity?

Also, What is an example of App arguments that are supposed to be used with the activity? What would I put there?


Use parallel activity.

Inside parallel, provide start process in one sequence and click the pop up on another sequence. :slightly_smiling_face:

And in arguments you can pass the file name to open the files using the application.

What do you mean by this

This is the full file path I’m working with.

where as ctl_ax.bat is the application I’m trying to open.

I guess what you are looking for is:

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As @nadim.warsi mentioned, in FileName property you need to provide executable file path of Application. In arguments property, you need to provide full file path.

I’m on a server and there are like 2 cmd.exe files, that are buried somewhere in the system, but if I execute cmd.exe myself, and try to type the directory in there, it tells me it doesn’t know what directory I’m talking about.
I think I was having this issue earlier. When I just put the file name in “File Name” It opens the app no problem. So I’m just confused about the arguments and maybe what that’s for.

You are correct. To run a batch file, we need to provide only the filename.


And, to start other applications with arguments please refer the below link.