Can't get past Java security alert


Today is my first day of using UiPath, but unfortunately it isn’t going so well.

This could be a very basic question, so apologies in advance if I’m doing something stupid.

I am simply trying to open a URL to an Oracle Forms application, however I am not getting very far as the attached Java security messages appears, and I don’t know how to get past it.

These forum posts appear to relate to similar issues, however I don’t think they are exactly the same.

The error I’m getting is “Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser”.

The automation simply cannot find the Java security window. I’ve tried using the UIExplorer and the selector for the window is set to

However, this doesn’t appear to be valid(?)

Can anyone help me click Run on this popup window and actually open my Oracle Forms application, so I can get started properly with my automation???

Thanks in advance.!

Hi @jamesyreid

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I believe that to detect the elements of that window, you might have to run your Studio and Robot as administrator.

However, a simpler way would be to disable that pop-up altogether. You can see the topics here for some clues on how to do it:
(it will depend on your specific environment)


Thanks for your reply.

I tried running Studio as administrator, but it didn’t make any difference.

I don’t think it is possible to disable that popup, at least not on the client side. The message is coming from Java, not from the browser. And the Oracle forms application that I am attempting to open is a third party system which I am not able to configure in any way.

When the window first displays can you hit the “enter” key on your keyboard to move forward? If so, use the send Hotkey activity with enter selected.

Normally you should be able to in your system settings. The pop-up comes from the Java installed on your machine - it is pretty much a warning “do you want to run this app from this publisher”

And it is possible to configure your Java security settings on your machine to automatically trust specific vendors, i.e. your OracleForms application.

Of course, this depends on the particular version of Java, but it would look like the exception site list here:

(together with some settings in the Advanced tab)

Install Java Extn in UI Path and you should be able to select by Click Activity