Getting error in ReadCSV activity for assignment2 uipath advance course

Hi Team,

I am getting error in ReadCSV activity while executing performer for Generate_Yearly_Report assignment.File is not saved with proper name and proper location which is mentioned in the reportFilePath,it is taking defalut value.Below is the Screenshots for the same.

And one more thing,Sometimes I am getting below error in WIID also.Please help.

@Rathin Could you paste Save As window screenshot while saving the file

Below is the SS where filename is being entered in the save as window.

Is the report getting saved inside the Temp folder or outside Temp?

outside temp…it is getting saved in Data folder.which is coming by default although it is assigning correct file path in ReportFilePath variable.

Could you try with change the report path to something like c:/temp
As there may be issue with the length of path where you are currently saving the file

@Rathin Can you try to save the File to that location manually?

@supermanPunch,Manually I am able to save to that location

@Rathin Can you show us the Workflow or the Steps which Downloads and saves the file to the Location Specified?

@Arpit_Kesharwani, I have tried but getting same error.Its is saving file in the default location.

@supermanPunch @Arpit_Kesharwani,
Please find attached Main and Process xaml.
Main.xaml (56.0 KB) Process.xaml (12.8 KB)

@Rathin you only shared 2 workflow files, can you share your whole process

@Arpit_Kesharwani Please find attached whole performer Workflow.Performer_Generate Yearly (1.0 MB)

@Rathin Unfortunately I am unable to resolve Ui Automation activities package for your process (Its just I am using 19.10.4 and you developed in 2020.4)

I am stuck in this step for long time.Could anyone else please help will be great help.

Change from simulate type to send window messages when typing the file path

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@zspilman Did it work for you?

Hey @Arpit_Kesharwani,

As a general rule this does work for me. I have had an issue with it in the past as seen here Type Into Gotcha? . But it is much more reliable than simulate type. I have implimeted it with send window messages in many projects and it works great!


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I have completed the challange.Thanks for your support guys.