Assignment 2- Yearly report - Read CSV activity is unable to find the file even when when the file is present in the specified directory

Hi guys,

I was working on Yearly Report assignment. I was able to download the monthly report and save it in the specified file path. But getting the following error in Read CSV activity: Read CSV: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Santana\Documents\UiPath\YearlyReportPerformer\Data\MonthlyReports\Report-DE7632122018-January.csv’.

The file is present though:

Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Please check the path by giving a message box before the read csv activity whether the actual path and the one you are giving to the activity are matching exactly. There may be some spaces. Then if everything looks good, try to give the same path in some other sequence with only read CSV activity and check if it is working

I tried as you said, but for one transaction, file is getting found successfully and the next transaction fails that the file is not found. If there is any error in the file path, the process should have failed in first transaction itself right? Please correct if I am wrong

Not at all, may be the first path is concatenated with the file name exactly and for the second file, you may be missing some of the spaces or any other. Please check the same for second also :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the help…Seems the problem was that the file was not saved by the time read csv activity was invoked. Overcame this by using Delay after activity after saving the file. Happy learning!!:slight_smile: