Type Into Gotcha?

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I was wondering if any of you have experienced this before and how you may have handled it. I have a process that is saving a file from IE (i know, i know there are thousands of posts about saving files from IE …nightmare). The issue that i am having is that sometimes…rarely… the bot will click save before it is done typing in the file path. I have a “type into” activity which has all the good stuff set: [sendWindowMessages.true, WaitForReady.Complete, DelayBetweenKeys.20] and then after that I have a click activity to click the save button with these attributes: [SimulateClick.true, WaitForReady.Complete]. Now, the obvious solution would be to set the “Type Into” activity to simulate type so it pastes in the entire path in at once and then we should be good. But, lately my team and I have been running into issues where with simulate type, when downloading a file from IE, it will type the path and click save, but the file will still be saved in the default location as if nothing was typed into the file path input box. I have tried populating the delay after attribute of the type into but that didn’t seem to work either. The worst part is that i cant recreate it in my own as it happens one out of forty times.
As of now i have implemented a workaround to handle it but it is by no means the most efficient way of handling it.

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@zspilman Even one guy also facing the same issue. But I never ran into these issue
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Hey @Arpit_Kesharwani,

Thanks for the quick reply! Although the the post that you included in your reply is similar to my question i do not believe it is referring to the same issue.