Generate Yearly Report-Performer-System1 Create yearly Report-Read CSV error

Hi UIPath,
im doing the level 2 assignment Generate Yearly Report Performer

After downloading and saving the report in a specified path, the read csv is not able to read the file.

Following previous threads for the same error have suggested these solutions and i tried:
1.Adding delay activity(30sec) before Read Csv.
2. tried with ElementExist(Downloaded file in the specifiedPath)

in the watch panel the value of the file path shows like this !

So when saving the file it saves like this
[ tax id+Year+month(String:Jan/feb/…)].csv

But when we are fetching for the file csv file it the file path looks like this:
taxid+year+month (1/2/3…).csv

Why that occurs while saving and fetching the read csv . its because of that the error??im not great at coding. if that was the error u think what changes i have to make
Please let me know what mistake i made
Thanks for your time!!

Hi @parvathi_ayanala

Are you able to confirm after the download is complete that the file is indeed saved with the name you provided?
Please add a message box after clicking ‘Save’ to pause execution and confirm if the file actually gets saved with ‘January/February’ in the name or just 1/2/… etc

Thanks for acknowledgement for the above error. I was able to do it. While saving the file name in the Type Into activity the Simulate Type property was checked . After unchecking the property the file were saving properly

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