How to save csv file with correct name in type into activity

Hi everyone, I’m a new leaner and currently I’m trying to complete assignment 2 that Generate Yearly Report.
In Create Yearly Report part, after selecting Save as from the Internet Explorer, I use type into activity to create the name for the monthly report, it’s almost correct. But Read CSV cannot file the file path because of the name still the same one that Internet explorer created in the beginning.
Could you guys help me how to solve this problem?
Thanks so much!!!

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Here is the name of robot when type into but it’s saved with the original name rather than the retyped name.

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And this is what I assign to the File Path.
(Sorry, because a new member can upload only one picture in each comment).

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Can you attach your workflow ?

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Hi GSR, I have found the solution to this problem.
Thanks so much!

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hi @domin,
i have the same problem, how did you solve it ???

this is my problem, please check @domin @GSR

In the Type Into activity, you can try to use this “”"" + ReportFilePath + “”""
I try this and it’s worked. Hope it helps.


hi @domin,
i tried but the same error appears

i found the solution

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