Assignment-2 Performer Workflow Problem


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I have encountered a problem while testing the Performer Workflow file. It shows error in “Read CSV activity”,that downloaded file is not available. FYR, I have attached the screenshots.

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Can you please send screenshot of your workflow which is faulted. Also your folder structure is not as per given in the PDD Walkthrough file


Hi Prankurjoshi,

Error is encountered in “Read CSV” activity. FYR, I have attached the screenshots.


This might be happening because there is no delay between Saving the file and Read CSV activity. Try to add some delay about 3secs after you click Save Button. So when Read activity starts there is no file there actually to read


Thanks dude, it worked.


Everything is working fine, but while uploading the yearly report file. I am encountering a problem, when we click upload file button the open file dialog box appears but it is not entering the YealyReport file path , it hangs there and execution stopped.


It might not be able to find the element in which file path should be written try to run the UploadReport workflow individually


Thanks for reply dude. I have fixed that error.


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For Generate Yearly Report Assignment 2 - We want to Upload both folder Performer and Dispatcher??


Yes KinjalRD after completing the assignment, zip both the folders and upload it.

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Thanks For Quick Reply :slight_smile: