Level 3: assignment 2 Performer : getting error while Read CSV in CreateYearlyReport

Hello guys,
please help me out…

I am trying to finish my level 3- certification.
I have submitted assignment 1 successfully. stuck in assignment 2 performer
getting below error in createyearlyreport.xaml

Can you check the path @prashant07

It is like C:\users\user again?

Hi @HareeshMR
Thanks for replay…
path looks good.

and I am using the same variable(ReportFilePath) to save the file as well as to read the CSV path.

Hi @HareeshMR/@prashant07
Directory.GetFiles(the p@thn@me)
use for e@ch item in @rr@y
use re@d r@nge
@shwin S

Are you sure you are saving the file with the extension January or any month name which you are having in the error screenshot above?

remove the spacesin ur Ui Level 3

I have an simular issue. With Type Into, the correct filepath / save name is entered. But after clicking Save the file is not saved with the correct file name.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thx, AJ

Hi @Albert-Jan

Have you tried using type into property click before typing as checked and tried or don’t give any selector


Hi @AshwinS2,

I found the issue. My Type Into was not correct. I unchecked ClickBeforeTyping and the issues was fixed :-).


I checked click before typing with checked and unchecked but still, it is saving file name with a number(Report-DE763212-1.csv), not in the format of(Report-DE763212-January.csv)

please suggest.

Hi @Albert-Jan.
I tried both checked and unchecked option but still it is not working…

is it possible to share your workflow at prashant.pawar07@yahoo.com
so i can validate with your code.


hey @HareeshMR you right.

saving file name by month number(1).csv not in month name(january).csv
but it is typing correctly but why it is taking number??

Please suggest.

@AshwinS2 @HareeshMR

Please provide me your email if possible so that i can share the workflow with you guys

will be helpful for :pray::pray:

Instead of mail, you can send the personal message here @prashant07

But why don’t you try to make a variable with the month name instead of typing it directly while saving the file, and check if the variable is formed correctly as required and pass it as the path to save the file?

Thanks for quick rly.
I have passed variable in Type into activity --> variable name --> ReportfilePath.
ReportfilePath = Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,i_ReportsDownloadPath,“Report-”+i_TaxID+"-"+i_InYear+"-"+Months.ToString+".csv")

What is Months.Tostring here @prashant07? Is it a variable with the value of month name?

Can you please check the reportpathfile variable before passing it to the next activity

I am trying to upload an attachment. but error “New user can not upload”:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
i can not upload more than 1 snap… :joy::joy:

is it possible to share mail id ??

variable detail

Dude @prashant07

As you are looping through the months, and months is an array, and item is the one variable where you will get the individual month name. so you need to give item.tostring in the place of months.tostring if I’m not wrong

That was i forget to change because i am playing around.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but i tried as below.

Please copy the error path you have on the right side and the actual file name you have in a notepad and check if you are missing any spaces or giving some unnecessary spaces in the path @prashant07