Get error while installing UI path studio through .msi file

I will attach the logs file

Processing: MSI5cae1.LOG…
Processing: MSI5cae1.txt…


First uninstall UiPath completely if already installed.

Follow the link to uninstall and again try to install.

Tried sir but still couldn’t install. Showing same installation error


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Check with your antivirus like is it stopping any application to get installed
If so disable it and give a try installing UiPath



from where did you download the msi?

Download the msi from resourceCenter.

did you manage to install the product?
if not, please provide us the log files (zipped).

Yeah, checked but still couldn’t install.

Sorry couldn’t attach the zip file as I’m a new user. New users cannot upload the attachmentsProcessing: MSI5cae1.txt…