When installing Uipath Studio using UipathStudioCommunity.msi I get an error saying Uipath has encounter an error.. check for detail

I had Uipath Studio installed before, but I had to uninstall and install it again due to an update error

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Could you provide more details about error ? Any errors number and/or screenshot ?

Thanks, just this

Could you also show the details of error ? I supposed under button ‘ver registro’ :slight_smile:

There is no details, it shows me a notepad with a bunch of logs of some sort about the instalation

So let’s try disable antivirus and before new installation try delete all old UiPath’s files from drive (those from previous installations).


Thanks, I entered to …\AppData\Local\UiPath and erased it so I can use the UipathStudiocommunity.msi to install the Studio

Hey @Manuel_Paz
Did it help ?

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Yes, Thanks !

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